An Open Letter to the Teens!


An open letter to you the African child 🙂 VOICE OUT!

The African child:  

You are facing a lot of challenges; but keep on pushing, keep on speaking, keep on showing up, keep on having fun… just keep ON!

Getting justice has been a night mare, our systems are so corrupt such that criminals of sexual assaults just like our politicians get out by Bail.

You have been defiled, molested, assaulted, harassed by your Father, Uncle, Brother, Pastor, Friend, Mother, Partner!

You are losing out on formal education, especially you from the rural and poor communities who cannot afford to go back to school since they re-opened. 

You are feeling lonely, helpless and even fear of being separated from your loved on especially in these unprecedented times.

You are experiencing economic exploitation, child labor, early and forced child marriage, child trafficking, teenage pregnancy, school drop outs due to the loss of income within your family and commercial sex exploitation.

Most of you have been lured into unhealthy sexual relationships as a result of the government’s measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Does your parent know that you go through depression, stress amongst other mental health issues?


You are able to form your own view and you should be given an opportunity to decide how you wish to be represented directly or indirectly.  VOICE OUT!

Education is important, it shapes your future. It helps you and also the community you belong to.

VOICE OUT and Demand for Equal distribution and access to Essential Services that have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • To be free from the bondage of (Female Genital Mutilation) FGM.
  • To be protected from harmful online sites as well as cyber bullying.
  • To be protected from the negative effects of COVID-19 IN YOUR COMMUNITY BY YOUR Government.
  • A Right to Education – to develop your personality, talent and physical abilities to reach your full potential.
  • To know what your government is doing to help address the challenges you are facing.
  • That the Sexual Offences ACT be Implemented!


  • To be married off before you attain a decent education and a source of income. This will ensure access to education and future independence.

By Alvin Mwangi, a member of the Faya project youth Advisory Board, and an ardent ASRHR advocate based in Nairobi

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