Do men have sexual and reproductive rights?


According to FindLaw, Reproductive rights are the rights of individuals to decide whether to reproduce and have reproductive health. This may include an individual’s right to plan a family, terminate a pregnancy, use contraceptives, learn about sex education and gain access to reproductive health services.

In known cases, reproductive rights have come under scrutiny when women have been offended in that regard but there has been an ever widening gap as to whether men too, have reproductive rights and if yes, do the rights defend them?

Chris Oluk’s story is worth sharing.

“I have been in a relationship for slightly over a year and we even started making marriage plans. Six months ago, she found out she had conceived and though she had mixed feelings, I assured her of my support in whatever ways possible and considering that we were talking marriage, all seemed to rest perfectly. I was overjoyed on the prospect of being a father and couldn’t wait.

Last month however, something seemed to change all of a sudden and not quite putting my mind to it, I came to observe that her growing tummy had lost its bulge and was all flat, and she later admit that she had terminated the pregnancy so that “we enjoy a perfect wedding free of societal judgments” as she put it. Her decision couldn’t have been more wrong and ill thought, at least as I see it and I feel that as an expecting father, she should have consulted me before taking such a drastic step.

Are my rights infringed upon, or it is just the feeling of loss weighing me down?”

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