Menstruation and Hygiene

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Menstruation also known as ‘having your period’ happens when blood, nutrients and tissue that builds up during the menstrual cycle, comes out of the vagina every month. While many girls may have some basic information about menstruation, some often believe in myths about menstruation. Myths around menstruation are common, and can range from less harmful to more dangerous ones. Many myths and social norms may limit women and girls’ ability to participate in society. This can make their daily lives difficult and limit their freedom. When girls don’t practice good hygiene especially during menstruation, they are at risk of vaginal infection or urinary tract infection. Both types of infection are common and are easily treatable. It is possible and even quite common, for a girl to get an infection in her private area without having sex. Such infections are often caused by poor personal hygiene, poor nutrition, medication, or other factors.

We envision a world where women and girls believe in their inherent power to make healthy choices. Yet 2 out of 3 school going girls in Kenya miss school during their menstruation because they lack sanitary products and factual information. Girls deserve not only quality menstrual products but also answers to the questions they seek about their bodies and their rights.

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