Care Infinite Bedpads 10’s





Care Infinite Disposable Bed Pads • Bedpads are absorbent sheets used to protect surfaces mattresses and wheelchairs against damage caused due to incontinence. • Bedpads can also restrict bacterial growth and eliminate odor. • Adult Bedpads are usually disposable and are constructed of absorbent fluff material and polymer. These are tucked at the corners of a mattresses just like a regular bed sheet. • Bedpads are made up of a soft material which doesn’t irritate the skin and wicks moisture away from the body. • Bedpads are available with various levels of absorbency. The thickness of the Bedpad generally increases with absorbing capacity of the Bedpad. • There are various sizes of Bedpads available and can be bought according to where the Bedpad has to be laid. The most common sizes are 60cm x 90cm and 60cm x 60cm.


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