Cinnabar Facial Exfoliant 50ml





Key Ingredient Benefits The hydrosols and essential oils assist in skin toning and fighting germs on the skin as well as regenerating new skin after exfoliation. The biodegradable and ecofriendly jojoba beads give mild exfoliation to your face giving room for growth of new skin that is free from acne and rashes. The natural vitamin e together with virgin shea butter calendula infusion and beeswax moisturize nourish and protect the new skin from UV-damage. Directions for Use: Use once a week in the evening. Apply to the face and neck with a gentle circular motion then rinse away with plenty of lukewarm water and a face cloth followed by our Lavender and Tea Tree Toner and then moisturising with our E Cream. Use within the recommended 12 months and store in a cool place below 30°C. This is a natural hand-made facial exfoliant. It is free from formaldehydes paraben and facial acids. It is environmental-friendly and never tested on animals.


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