Cinnabar Hand Cream 50ml





The Power of Essential Oils & Hydrosols. Ylangylang the beauty of wilderness is a favourite of many medieval and modern cultures from Indonesia to the Molucca Islands all the way to the Kenyan Coast. It enriches our hand cream with antiseptic properties that together with bergamot and lavender enhance the healing of wounds and cuts. The palmarosa restores and regenerates the skin. The lavender hydrosol is antiinflammatory tonic and calming to the skin. Natural Vitamin E. Maintains cellular structure and to improve microcirculation of the skin maintains natural skin moisture and elasticity and has been observed to aid in dermal anti-inflammatory action. It is a natural oxidant and aids in preventing damage caused by solar UV radiations. Calendula Infusion. Made in the absence of UV radiations this infusion contains most of the medicinal fractions of the calendula flowers. It contains natural antioxidants that aid in protecting the face from UV-damage as well as 15 amino acids that stimulate the repair and healing of skin tissues. Natural Virgin Oils Butters & Waxes. The virgin papaya oil leaves the hands smooth and the virgin avocado oil and macadamia oil nourish and moisturize the skin. The beeswax enhances the skin moisturization further by reducing transepidermal water loss. Shea butter provides natural UV protection boosts collagen production and has anti-ageing as well as skin smoothing and strengthening benefits.


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