Lioton Gel 30g





Lioton Gel contains 1000 IU/g of the active ingredient heparin which belongs to the group of medicines known as anti-coagulants (medicines which impede the formation of blood clots). It has favorable percutaneous anti exudative (decrease in permeability of the blood vessels) anti-endemic (reduces swelling) soothing and anticoagulant effect. It is used to treat diseases of the superficial veins such as varicose syndromes and their complications phlebothrombosis (clot formation in the deep veins) thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation caused by injury or infection) surface periphlebitis (inflammation of the tissue around the vein) varicose ulcers (varicose veins in the skin that cause the occurrence of ulcers or wounds) postoperative varicose phlebitis traumas and contusions infiltrates and local edemas subcutaneous hematoma traumas and sprains.


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