Malibu Lipcare Balm SPF30 4g 3’s





MalibuLipcare Balm; Hydrates and Soothes: Nourish and moisturise your precious lips with Malibu lip shine providing that well needed hydration for a long day under the sun’s UV rays preventing dried out sore chapped lips Kind to Skin and Lips: Malibu sun is suitable for all skin types being soft and gentle on skin and lips even suitable for children. Plus Malibu is cruelty free Protects: With high SP factor 30 lip balm you will get the ultimate protection from harmful and damaging UV rays while giving your lips that healthy look Resistant: Malibu lip care provides a high level of resilience to battle sun sweat and water making it perfect for trips sports and holidays Flavoured: Get that perfect flavour triple pack contains a tropical fruity watermelon balm a sweet warming vanilla balm and a cool refreshing mint balm


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