Mars Chocolate Bar 51gm





PREMIUM IMPORTED CHOCOLATE: Grab this delicious chocolate bar ORDER ONLINE: Order for home or deliver to your loved ones GIFT HAMPER: Celebrate any occassion by giving chocolates for gift and watch everyone rejoice IDEAL SNACK: Mars chocolate is perfect to snack on at work post meal while binge watching or gaming CHOCOLATY LAYER: Soft nougat and caramel covered in a delicious chocolate layer ALSO TRY: Try mars miniatures for a little variety MARS Chocolate bar is an indulgent treat featuring nougat and caramel covered in rich milk chocolate. It consists of 40% Milk Chocolate 33% Nougat and 27% Caramel. With this delicious fusion Mars chocolate gives you a reason to feel good in each bite. With light nougat smooth caramel and a thin crispy chocolate layer on top the bar is light yet satisfying. This chocolaty deliciousness can be enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Additionally Mars chocolate bars are a tasty way to add delicious fun to your celebrations. There’s no way you would want to miss the pleasure of savoring this yummy treat at the office at home or even on the go. Don’t ever run out of your amazing snack buy now and spread joy with chocolates laughter and a whole lot of fun.


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