Twix Chocolate Bar 50gm





PREMIUM IMPORTED CHOCOLATE: Grab this delicious chocolate bar ORDER ONLINE: Order for home or deliver to your loved ones GIFT HAMPER: Celebrate any occassion by giving chocolates for gift and watch everyone rejoice IDEAL SNACK: Use the treat as party favors or for baking DELICIOUS BAR: Crispy cookie topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate CHOOSE YOUR SIDE: Delectable cookie and luscious caramel on both sides it won’t be an easy choice TWIX Chocolate covered in caramel cookie bar is a delicious treat you will definitely like. With crunchy cookie smooth caramel and creamy chocolate to savor twice TWIX allows you to add more fun into your every day moments. Crispy and crunchy TWIX bar gets you gooey caramel and rich chocolate in every bite along with just the right bit of crunch. The pack contains 2 parallel bars all you have to do is pick a side and share the other with your loved ones. While the Left TWIX is crisp with flavorful cookie and deliciously chewy caramel under a smooth creamy chocolate covering Right TWIX is deliciously smooth owing to a perfect combination of crunchy cookie delectable chocolate and rich caramel. Trust your taste buds and follow your instincts to choose an authentic TWIX Candy experience on whichever side you choose. Don’t ever run out of your amazing snack buy now!


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