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Social Media

According to data available online, there were approximately 11 million social media users in Kenya in January 2021. This represented a 25% increase from the year 2020 which translates to over 2 Million new users in just a year. A notable fact is that a majority of these users are the youth.

On surface look, social media platforms are largely considered as fun spots that help users catch up with idle chats and the latest information especially on matters related to SRHR. More than that, however, are the immense benefits that come with social media that all work to help us be better; to thrive.

Leadership coach John C. Maxwel emphasizes on the role of our associations in our personal growth. While associations were restricted to physical locations before and out of social media, we now have the freedom to choose which people to associate with, groups to follow, join, or associate with, regardless of the physical distance or whichever barriers there might be. Isn’t that wonderful? Are you interested in joining a social community? Become a member of AfRika today!

It is an accepted fact that our friends and acquittances form part of the network that determines our social capital. Thanks to social media, these must not be one’s neighbourhood friends, classmates or work colleagues, but can be anyone with shared social or professional interests. The success stories from platforms like LinkedIn are affirmations that through connecting with other people, a mentor, life coach, employer or business partner is just an online interaction away. Why not make use of such opportunities?

While the ‘social’ tag in social media enforces a relaxing and fun connotation, the platforms aren’t all play and no growth. Learning spots in the forms of groups, accounts and lists are establishing themselves on social media and they are growing quite popular. Since learning is integral to our social and mental growth, learning in less rigid and more interactive environments like the social media isn’t a bad idea. Knowledge hubs, study groups and links to reliable learning sites are readily and easily available on social media, giving the social sites the much-needed educational touch.

Certainly, it would be unjust if social media took away its users’ time and internet bundles without giving back in kind. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and many other social sites have grown to become multi-million e-commerce enterprises where influencers, career professionals, comedians and other artists make both names and fortunes. Tiktok sensation Khaby Lame is now worth USD2 M, just 17 months after joining the social media platform as a distraught man having lost his job. He is one of the many people whose lives have been turned around through social media, could you be the next?

Social media is here to help you thrive, what are you waiting for?

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