Too Young to get Married

Too Young

Did you hear that? That’s a child heart beat!
So nervous that a child’s holiday assignment,
Won’t be complete, because she got married,
To some old man who claims her brain is complete.

Do you expect this child to still get a pass in her exam?
Answer me so fast as if it is an emergency, My people,
Is child marriage the best place to leave a legacy?

If you carry on with child marriage then await total disaster,
It’s so painful that even these old men get our young teens pregnant then they hide behind these politicians,
Claiming that they helped them during their campaigns, while these young girls suffer in the village, with total pain and shame.

Old men enjoy in the city with big bottle of champagne, WHAT A SHAME!!
Tell Me, why marry a child? A child who only murmurs the truth?
Why marry a child? Who only tells you what you want to hear and not what they wanted to say?
So its everybody with big dreams and no one tends to dream bigger?
If only you knew the pain in the tears of a married child, then you could end child marriage!!!


By: Jevin Kassam – Youth Champion, Homa Bay County

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