Contraceptives in the New Reality


Contraceptives in the New Reality!

On 12th March 2020, the President of the Republic of Kenya- His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, made the announcement of the arrival of the first case of Corona Virus in Kenya.  Thereafter, all inter-school events were suspended and later, all schools, colleges and universities were closed and learning suspended country-wide to reduce chances of transmission of the virus to pupils and students. With no opening date for schools in sight, adolescents and young persons (AYPs) are likely to remain ‘idle’ for quite a long period of time. Despite the encouragement by the government on physical distancing, kwa ground, vitu ni different. AYPs are more likely to meet for a talk with their fellows and sometimes things happen when the physical distance reduces to zero 😉

In this current pandemic the challenges of peer pressure towards unruly behaviour, drug abuse, and sexual relations which result to STIs, HIVAIDS, unwanted pregnancies and most likely illegal abortions since one isn’t ready for a baby yet are highly likely. These are some practical actions:

  • Fight peer pressure by avoiding negative thinking friends who may land you in trouble
  • Remember the ABC to prevent unwanted pregnancy, STIs and HIV
    • Abstain and delay your first sexual intercourse until when you are old enough to know that having sex is a big responsibility (I would advise when you are emotionally, economically and physically ready)
    • If you already have a partner/married for some young persons, then be faithful to that partner and let him/her be faithful to you too.
    • Use a condom correctly and consistently whenever you have sex when you are not married
  • If you wish to prevent unwanted pregnancy,
    • Use a suitable contraception, the best method so far is the condom. It prevents both unwanted pregnancy and STIs/AIDs.
  • You could also get help from a health worker in a facility near you and get counselled for a different contraceptive method.
  • Let’s maintain the physical (more than 1 metre) distance. Don’t meet up if you can just say hi on phone or even chat.
  • Let’s observe all advice by the government especially now that there is a 7pm-5am curfew.

Remember, when you prevent yourself from being infected by coronavirus, you are not just doing it for yourself, but for everyone else you love and would wish to have or see in your future. Cheers!


                                                                                            Written by Francis Nanga-Amref Health Africa, FP Technical Officer

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