Ambezim G tablets 30’s





Ambezim-G contains trypsin and chymotrypsin pancreatic enzymes which are administered in a form and dosage favouring an adequate absorption from the intestinal tract. Ambezim-G reduces the intensity of inflammation attenuates the pain helps in the resolution of oedema exudate and favours the penetration of antibacterial agents in the affected areas. Ambezim-G is therefore useful in infective and traumatic conditions accompanied by a local inflammatory reaction where it will accelerate recovery limit fibrosis and adhesions. Trypsin and chymotrypsin are absorbed after oral dosage administration. They are formulated as enteric coated tablets to resist gastric juice but dissolve in the higher pH of the small intestine & release the dose of enzyme at this point. Indications: Resorption of post-traumatic & post-operative oedema and exudate. Adjunctive therapy in localised inflammatory conditions such as: Phlebitis thrombophlebitis decubitus ulcers.


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