Kottonie Organic Cotton-Lined Pads + Panty Liners





100 organic cotton-lined top sheet – smooth soft has no bumps. Protects the skin even after prolonged use. Reduces the risk of skin irritation allergic reactions itching and soreness.  Pack Includes 5 regular panty liners – the pack of 10 extra-long pads is inclusive of 5 regular panty liners. Thus value for money and covering the woman full cycle.  150 ml super absorbency – accommodates 2 x the amount of menstrual flow compared to the average pad offering an all-day dry and clean feel.  Superior comfort – ultra soft ultra-thin pads. Water-proof wide adhesive on the back-sheet and wings a reliable and secure fit.  Breathable – the water-proof back sheet allows air to circulate eliminating moisture and heat.  Eco-friendly – unscented chemical free made with care. Organic and natural sanitary pads are biodegradable and decompose within a few years of disposal. Conventional and synthetic sanitary pads are a source of plastic waste and do not decompose in nature easily  Buy Kenyan Build Kenya – Kottonie is a 100% Kenyan owned brand.


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