A Teen Gene


Do you hear that? That’s my heart beat,

So nervous that on the due day,

Someone’s daughter’s/son’s holiday assignment,

Won’t be completed while they struggle to get those straight As.


Tell me, does your age range from 13 to 19 years?

Then be proud to be a teen,

A young teen, protruding breasts, broad chest,

Are you happy to be seen?

A good example of a youth gene.


Youth of the current generation are filled with hope,

Their lives are blessed and dope,

Youth are the next nation, I mean the next doctors,

The next surgeons, the next pilots and even the next popes

What they need is just room to cope,

Because their mindsets are processing a lot


 Youth are like kings in palaces,

They have a lot of things in place,

And even if teen pregnancy is the case,

Trust me, that demon we must chase,

A bad character we must replace,

THESE youths we must embrace.


ZERO teen mothers, ZERO teen fathers,

Is all we want!

So teen pregnancy we must erase,

REDEEM us oh God of grace!

By: Jevin Kassam, Ndhiwa Youth Champion

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