Is your sexual life enjoying the privacy it deserves?


Teddy (not real name) shares,

Hello Admin,

I am not sure if this platform will address my concern but I’ll share it anyway, as embarrassing as it is.

I’m in my second year of study at JKUAT and I have this good and adorable girlfriend who loves me very much but she started by developing this queer habit of finding ways of filming or capturing photos of our private moments and sharing with her friends. I came to be the topic of discussion in our class forums without knowing as people, especially ladies, discussed this ‘Mr. T’ with classy styles and wild affection so adoringly that I began to secretly adore this unknown person. I only came to realize that I was the ‘Mr. T’ when a nude photo was doing rounds and I somehow felt connected to it and on closer observation, there I was, admiring my own photo that was already viral.

We had a bitter argument and she promised so emotionally never to be tempted again by Satan and the issue was put to rest. Now a unique problem is arising. She accurately describes to her group of friends every little detail of our private sessions and they all laugh so wildly that everyone flashes a mischievous knowing look at me, and somehow I know I’m the man of the story. When I confront her, she says I shouldn’t mind what girls discuss and in any case, she is proud of me as God’s gift to her enough to proudly discuss me with her friends unlike many ladies who keep their blessings hidden, and I should be thankful. Her answer isn’t convincing and I’m at a loss as to what extent privacy in sexual matters goes, and when contravened, what options of redress does one have, especially if it is the male partner on the suffering end.

Please advise.

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