COVID19 Chronicles Part 1


COVID19 Chronicles Part 1

We are on our second week after the 1st case of a confirmed COVID19 in Kenya. The numbers are raising pretty fast. I am scared that maybe my country people view this ‘demon’ as that of the West and maybe we might not get infected and/or affected like ‘them’. So yesterday, I did a quick tour in the neighbourhood and to my amazement, young people especially are not practicing physical distancing. I might be paranoid, but I think I would rather stay home and not catch this bug!

In my #StayAtHome and #PhysicalDistancing chronicles, part of my routine has been watching online video clips of infected guys and ooh boy! I would not wish for anyone including my young self to get infected. This monster is squashing anyone into a pulp despite their age and race. Some of them are pretty young people and the myth that young people are ‘invisible to Covid19’ must be busted if we want to flatten the curve.  

Get more information about COVID19 from the this link and the attached pics.

-Fidelina Ndunge, Works for Amref Health Africa in Kenya

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